Boasting a combination of community, independence, and privacy, Taval’s innovative architecture is one of a kind. With a fully equipped clubhouse, residents should have everything they need within reach.

About Taval

Close Together
but Living Apart

Featuring their newest development, 260-375 sqm S-Villas and 120-345 sqm apartments, Taval boasts innovation and creativity in being close together but living apart. Proximity to your neighbors gives you a sense of community, and the entrance on opposite sides offers you the privacy you deserve.

A Tightknit Community

Taval provides residents with the opportunity to build a community with facilities that bring people together. Allowing for a healthy bonding experience, residents have access to the clubhouse with its pools, gyms, and courts.

Embrace the Outdoors

With gardens and trees everywhere in sight, Taval provides an environment for residents to utilize the space and environment for strolls, picnics, and barbecues and relish in the sense of community that it builds.



Unit Area : 260 m2 - 375 m2


Unit Area : 120 m2 - 345 m2

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