Shalya is a 289,000 sqm community that overlooks Taj City’s downtown area just seconds away and with direct access to the Ring Road and Suez Road. Shalya offers a broad variety of apartments, villas, and duplexes.

About Shalya

A Myriad of Home Options

Shalya is a unique compound that brings a variety of home sizes to cater to every budget and need in the market, including duplexes ranging from 209-289 sqm, Q-villas from 200-217 sqm, apartments ranging from 108-183 sqm, 83 sqm studios, and 300 sqm S-Villas.

Serenity and Premium Views

At Shalya, you are surrounded by the most heavenly panoramic views of green landscapes and exclusive water features that allow you to leave the fast-paced life and de-stress.

Facilities that Serve Your Needs

Shalya’s community center offers residents a recreational space that allows them and their loved ones to stay active, get out and socialize, and play a proactive part in their communities, all in one place.


Grand residence duplexes

Unit Area : 209 m2 – 289 m2

Grand Residence Q-villas

Unit Area : 200 m2 - 217 m2

spectrum Residence apartments

Unit Area : 108 m2 - 183 m2

Spectrum Residence S-buildings

Unit Area :

Spectrum Residence studios

Unit Area : 83 m2

Spectrum Residence S-villas

Unit Area : 300 m2

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