Since our journey began over 60 years ago, our vision has always been to build for the future and create rich communities that grow. As a first mover in the real estate sector and an expert in designing and planning growth cities, our new developments in East Cairo are set to reimagine what modern living can offer.

Boasting the largest landbank, Madinet Masr’s Taj and Sarai are set to become home to almost 32,000 families by providing diverse architecture, excellent location tying Old and New Cairo, and a masterplan that ensures all the amenities, facilities, and maintenance needs are available within the borders of their gated communities.



By doing everything with the customer in mind, Madinet Masr’s objective is to transform urban space by allowing multi-functional developments to co-exist, promoting community and socialization by bringing together employees, visitors, and residents. From studios to mansions, Sarai and Taj cater to the young and old, the single and married, and our planning takes to heart the mental and physical health of our residents, with Sarai boasting a 1 million square meter green spine to allow our cities to breathe and our residents to achieve the healthy lifestyle they are looking for.



The breadth of our innovation can be witnessed from the get-go, with our planning of Nasr City, the largest city in Greater Cairo, which started off with a myriad of buildings and facilities, including governmental headquarters, commercial, administrative, and residential developments, educational institutions, exhibition centers, sporting clubs, the Cairo Stadium, and much more. Today, Madinet Masr promises to continue to deliver growing full-fledged cities that are home to residents’ every need. It will continue to leverage its substantial history to saturate the market with progressive housing that is perfect for those looking to experience a one-of-a-kind lifestyle.