Madinet Masr Innovation Labs is our specialized subsidiary to develop and invest in innovative solutions and products that can propel the real estate market forward and achieve prospects. This innovative subsidiary is tasked with building digital and marketing platforms that will change the way real estate is bought, owned, managed, and sold, in addition to conducting the research and development of cutting-edge approaches and techniques , with the aim of developing revolutionary real estate products and services that meet the requirements of the future. Madinet Masr Innovation Labs has recently launched two groundbreaking solutions: Touba and SAFE™.


Madinet Masr Innovation Labs introduces Theqa, a first-of-its-kind warranty in Egypt, revolutionizing real estate industry by eliminating the maintenance deposit for our projects and replacing it with the Theqa Warranty Certification upon purchase of a property. Theqa ensures high-quality maintenance for all common areas without any hidden costs and a guarantee of no incremental maintenance costs for a 20-year period.


The Touba payment method is the first innovative solution in the real estate industry that allows you to acquire your property without the usual burdensome financial commitments.


SAFE™ is the first and largest fractional ownership program in Egypt.

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